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Experienced Miami Attorney Defends Clients Aggressively in Criminal Cases

Providing superior representation for South Florida clients facing a range of charges

When you are facing criminal charges in South Florida, the stakes are high. You deserve to have a legal professional on your side who knows how to build and present a tough defense. At the Law Office of Hernan Hernandez, P.A., in Miami, we understand how overwhelming it can be to face criminal charges. We have been defending clients in criminal cases, from minor drug charges to the most serious felonies, since 1999 and will work hard to maximize your chances of a favorable outcome.

Skilled litigator provides representation for serious charges

Criminal charges can mean time in jail or prison, fines and other harsh penalties, so it is important to hire the right attorney. Clients throughout South Florida rely on our firm to handle their criminal defense cases because we offer:
  • Care and compassion — When you choose our firm to represent you, you can count on us to treat you with respect throughout your case.
  • Detailed advice — After reviewing your case, we will explain all of your options and advise you of the possible outcomes so you can make informed decisions.
  • Careful planning — Every criminal case is different so we will learn everything we can about your specific situation to deliver a tailored strategy.
Fighting criminal charges requires aggressive representation. At the Law Office of Hernan Hernandez, P.A., we never back down, even in the face of tough opposition.
Areas of Practice

Strong representation for criminal charges in South Florida

We represent clients facing a wide variety of criminal charges, including:
  • Violent crimes — Any criminal charge is serious, but violent crimes carry severe penalties, including incarceration and fines. We offer the strongest defense possible for clients charged with sex crimes, weapons crimes, assault and battery, and other serious crimes.
  • Theft — We have many years of experience representing clients accused of misdemeanor and felony theft charges and will defend you aggressively throughout your case.
  • Drug crimes — Whether your drug crime charges involve the possession, sale or distribution of illegal substances, we will defend you by challenging the evidence and police procedure.
  • White collar crimes — Crimes committed with primarily financial motives, such as embezzlement, fraud and conspiracy, are considered white collar crimes. We have the skill to fight them effectively in state and federal court.
  • Juvenile law crimes — We have extensive experience representing minors and know how to protect their rights and ensure that they have the best chance of avoiding harsh penalties in juvenile law cases.
  • DUI/DWI — Time in jail or prison, fines, loss of your driver license and more can follow a conviction for DUI/DWI. We represent clients facing their first DUI charge as well as those with past convictions.
Our many years of experience enable us to build a solid defense strategy for even the most complicated criminal cases. We also assist clients who seek to have their criminal records expunged so they can start over with a clean slate.

Contact a dedicated South Florida attorney for a free consultation

Whether you’re facing your first charge or you have an extensive criminal background, the Law Office of Hernan Hernandez, P.A. can provide the aggressive, skilled representation you need in South Florida. Call 786-899-4850 or contact us online to schedule your free consultation at our Miami office.
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